Two Fashion Jewelry Items That Every Women Must Own

andy semedia


Fashion jewelry is a great accessory that makes you look beautiful and enhances your style and confidence. The growing popularity of fashion jewelry and its abundance in the market has ensured that you get to choose the best wear crafted from a wide variety of metals and in varying styles. While there are numerous jewelry items that you can include in your collection, the items that you must absolutely have are gold bracelets and druzy earrings. If you have a decent collection of these two jewelry items, you can mix and match them with other items in your collection to get a unique look every time. 

Gold Bracelets: When it comes to buying gold bracelets, you do not necessarily need to choose the ones crafted from pure gold only. In fact, most designer gold bracelets women are designed from cheaper metals as it not only makes them quite affordable but also enhances their life. There several designs and styles in which these bracelets are available so that you can easily choose the ones that match your style preference and budget. If you are looking for bracelets that can withstand rough usage and still last really long without losing their beauty and shimmer, then you should prefer to buy gold bracelets women made from sterling silver with a gold layer on top.

In terms of design you can god for large single piece bracelets that make a style statement on their own. Alternately you can opt for multiple gold bracelets women in smaller widths that feature intricate designs handcrafted into the outer surface. You can also choose the extremely thin bangle style bracelets that create a sweet tinkling noise every time you move your arm or wrist. There are several other styles that you can choose from depending on your usage, choice of metal and even your budget.

Druzy Earrings: The beautiful shimmer of druzy earrings is enough to make you the center of attraction at any gathering. When you go out wearing a pair of earrings studded with this beautiful crystalline stone, you are sure to feel a sense of elation and confidence upon receiving countless admiring looks. Whether you choose to wear danglers, studs or even hoops featuring the druzy stone, you will surely outshine any other female in terms of style and elegance.

Given that the druzy stone is available in a wide range of colors, you can easily choose a pair of druzy earrings to match the diversity of your wardrobe. Whether you like to wear simple styled earrings or the really heavy ones, you can get them easily in the market or even get them custom made from a renowned fashion jeweler. However, you need to remember that while buying off the shelf earrings might be a cheap option getting them custom designed might require you to pay more. So if you are not too choosy about the size or style of the earrings, you may consider buying off the shelf ones as a more cost effective and sensible option.